One - on - One coaching INTENSIVE w/Kym Lee

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The Coaching  Choice is Yours!  I will cover Personal and Business Strategies that will propel you into your NEXT phase of Life ! 

We all have POTENTIAL but how do we apply or devise the strategies Locked up inside?  

The answer is found in Coaching!

Have you ever asked yourself “WHY is my life in a constant cycle of non productive activity??”

The Answer is found in Coaching!!

Or ... “I want more but HOW do I get more?”

Again ... the answer is found in Coaching ! 

I’m here to help you spring forth to the NEXT level Living Victoriously 

Here is what I’ll cover ... 

2-4 hour personal master class with Dr. Kym Lee-King 

can be broken down into 3 sessions 


•Marketing Strategies

•Building your Brand

•Business Tools

•Expanding your social media presence



  • Learn to Believe in your ability to find and succeed in a fulfilling life & career. 

  • Accept And adopt New Strategies.  Become Open to trying something new and be confident to learn from this experience, whatever the outcome.

  • Learn to embrace your current gifts while maximizing their potential.  Take ownership of believing YOU ARE SMART, Thoughtful, and Useful .

  • Dive into your current relationships with purpose by Making  meaningful and purposeful contributions to your TEAM and in RELATIONSHIPS.

  • Take positive action on behalf of others as well as yourself.

  • Learn to UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE yourself while FREELY expressing your love for others.