One - on - One coaching INTENSIVE w/Kym Lee

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The Coaching  Choice is Yours!  I will cover Personal and Business Strategies that will propel you into your NEXT phase of Life ! 

We all have POTENTIAL but how do we apply or devise the strategies Locked up inside?  

The answer is found in Coaching!

WHY is my life in a constant cycle of non productive activity??

The Answer is found in Coaching!!

I want more but HOW do I get more? 

Again ... the answer is found in Coaching ! 

I’m here to help you spring forth to the NEXT level Living Victoriously 

Here is what I’ll cover ... 

2-4 hour personal master class with Dr. Kym Lee-King 


•Marketing Strategies

•Building your Brand

•Business Tools

•Expanding your social media presence



  • Learn to Believe in your ability to find and succeed in a fulfilling life & career. 

  • Accept And adopt New Strategies.  Become Open to trying something new and be confident to learn from this experience, whatever the outcome.

  • Learn to embrace your current gifts while maximizing their potential.  Take ownership of believing YOU ARE SMART, Thoughtful, and Useful .

  • Dive into your current relationships with purpose by Making  meaningful and purposeful contributions to your TEAM and in RELATIONSHIPS.

  • Take positive action on behalf of others as well as yourself.

  • Learn to UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE yourself while FREELY expressing your love for others.